I am retired from paintng

Random Acts of Beauty

Volume, gravity, trajectory, viscosity, velocity, motion, time, and space.

These are elements I’m currently employing to create a new
body of work.

Having completed the addition of a new studio to our home in late 2009, I was finally afforded the extra space I needed to experiment with abstract expressionism. Specifically drip painting, with which I’ve always been fascinated.

It turns out that a certain amount of acrylic house paint, mixed to a certain thickness, falling or being thrown from a moving stick, at a certain height above the canvas, will result in unpredictable markings on the canvas. Furthermore, a random number of these applications
will eventually arrive at a composition that I deem pleasing.
Order resulting from chaos.

Having played with it now for a while, I’ve determined this process
to be the most fun and exhilarating I’ve ever had with paint. The colorfully detailed and bold paintings that emerge absolutely blow
me away. I hope you will enjoy them too.

The Totem paintings are inspired by Northwest First Nation totem pole figures from Vancouver Island, British Columbia. However due to the inexact nature of drip painting, their features have contorted into something far more hideous, and cool. Though they were created in fun, you might not want to hang them in the kid’s room.

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